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October 20th


Fitness Park


West Vancouver Road and Infrastructure


A bit of history on the Seaview Trail


Meet my Dad, Hank Sager


The quant village of Horseshoe Bay


The beginning of our waterfront park


How Whytecliff’s underwater park came to be



LAUTENS: The upcoming election in West Vancouver could be a wild ride
LAUTENS: The upcoming election in West Vancouver could be a wild ride
Fixing affordability: Mayoral candidates in Burnaby, Vancouver and on the North Shore have plenty of ideas
Former West Vancouver mayor Mark Sager running for top job
Councillors take on former mayor for top job in Metro Van’s richest municipality


West Vancouver has always been my home and I love it here. My life began in a small suite above my parents’ furniture store in Dundarave. Later we moved to West Bay. I attended both West Bay and Hillside schools, as did my wife Kathy. When I was barely out of my teens, I was elected as a School Trustee followed by Board Chair. I was later elected as a Councillor and finally, in 1991, was elected as Mayor of West Vancouver. I had the honour of serving in that position for six years. Subsequently, I decided to step out of public service to help raise our daughter, Mikayla, and to build my law practice in Ambleside. Today, our daughter is a successful opera singer in New York City, my 97 year old father lives just a few blocks from our old store in Dundarave and my business has grown and prospered. Aside from my law firm, I am a partner in a small community business in Horseshoe Bay. West Vancouver will always be my home and I am committed to working diligently to serve our beautiful community, which we all call home.

If you would like to take a lawn sign or volunteer to help Mark’s campaign, please email



A Strong Unified Voice

From a very young age I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to serve our community. I have always been grateful for your support. Twenty years on, I feel it is time to do more for the community I love. Over the recent past, there have been many issues which seem to have divided us. It is my goal to seek common ground in order to bring us back together. Thanks to my mother’s influence, I am lucky to have a good deal of patience and enjoy working with diverse groups of people. Encouraged by our current Mayor and other members of our community, I decided that it was time to offer myself again for public service. There are serious matters which must be faced and I believe that my past experience as mayor, coupled with twenty years of municipal legal practice, will prove useful.

Experienced representation at the Metro Vancouver level to work towards solutions of traffic issues in our communities

A major challenge is almost intolerable congestion on our roads at certain times of the day. Most of that traffic results from the vast number of people who are commuting on, off and through the North Shore. There are simply too many people travelling great distances to work in our community. Solutions to this issue will be neither fast nor easy but we need to make a beginning. We need to work co-operatively with our neighbours and build support around the Metro board table, with Translink and with senior levels of government. Having served as the Vice-Chair of Metro in the past, I understand how to gain that necessary help and support.

Aerial view of the residential homes during a vibrant sunny summer day. Taken in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Finding creative solutions for housing affordability by working together on a solution

West Vancouver needs to find a way to house its teachers, nurses, firefighters and police officers. It is not ideal to have so many of our first responders living outside the community and commuting great distances. Working together, we need to find ways to create employee-housing opportunities, as other communities, such as Whistler, have done. Again, there will not be overnight solutions. The patterns of land ownership and the difficulties of municipal processes discourage many from bringing new housing ideas forward. Beginning in the eighties there was consensus over a lack of housing options for seniors. Land was re-zoned in suitable locations and financing was identified in an attempt to address this issue. I am happy that the community accepted the necessary re-zonings as my father, now 97, lives in one of those facilities. In the same way, and with sensitivity, I believe we can find ways to create innovative housing solutions. Answers to this issue need not divide us, but done well, can bring us together.

Keeping our taxes affordable

The proposed provincial taxes do nothing to provide solutions in our community to housing issues. Rather, they will make it even harder to fund our municipal operations. I am told that the new punitive taxes will impact over seventy percent of West Vancouver’s property owners. Many people who purchased their homes years ago now face the prospect of being forced to pay taxes they cannot afford on homes which are assessed by the province at values, which even if they wanted to sell, they cannot. This is fundamentally unfair and needs to be addressed immediately.

As challenging as these issues are, these are ways we can enhance our community without making it an even more expensive place to live. It makes me sad to walk around our business community and see unkempt streets and empty store fronts. We need businesses that will help develop more interesting and lively commercial areas. Instead of thinking of West Vancouver as just a large retirement community, I would like to people to see West Vancouver as a great place for those who are young, fit and fun. I would take the time and make the effort to encourage more interesting and diverse businesses to open. With my law firm in Ambleside and a small community based business in Horseshoe Bay, I walk these street almost everyday and finding ways to make them more desirable and inviting will be a personal priority. - Mark Sager




You are welcome to stop by and say hello and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee with Mark and his Dad, Hank.


WHERE: Westerleigh Parc, 725 West 22nd Street, West Vancouver
WHEN: Thursday October 4th
TIME: 3pm to 5pm


Please join Mark for an informal conversation and an opportunity to discuss issues that concern you and our community. Refreshments will be served.


WHERE: West Vancouver Yacht Club, 5854 Marine Drive, West Vancouver
WHEN: Thursday October 4th
TIME: 7pm to 9pm


Mark will be hosting for an informal drop in with an opportunity to chat with him one-on-one about your concerns in our community. Refreshments will be served.


WHERE: Capilano Golf Club, 420 Southborough Drive, West Vancouver
WHEN: Wednesday October 10th
TIME: 7pm to 9pm

* Space is limited so please reserve your seat via the link below.


Please stop by and enjoy some refreshments and an opportunity to chat with Mark to learn why he wants to be your next Mayor


WHERE: 2222 Bellevue Ave, West Vancouver
The Villa Maris Apartments (Party room next to lobby)
WHEN: Wednesday October 10th
TIME: 1pm to 3pm


Drop by Horseshoe Bay to say hello to Mark and have an informal discussion regarding his platform and vision for West Vancouver.


WHERE: Community Spirits, 6406 Bruce Street, West Vancouver
WHEN: Thursday October 11th
TIME: 7pm to 9pm

* Space is limited so please reserve your seat via the link below.

Mark is an avid CrossFit participant and works out daily.
If you would like to join Mark for a CrossFit session any morning
Monday to Friday at 8:00am,
please email Mark directly at

Should you wish to gather some friends and neighbours and invite Mark to a meet & greet,
please email Mark directly at We’d be happy to coordinate a mutually convenient date!