Imagine Ambleside

I have recently joined the Board of the Ambleside Dundarave Business Improvement Association. As representatives of the business owners and commercial land owners in Ambleside, the ADBIA supports the visibility, sustainability and growth within our business community. In order to retain our current businesses and entice new ones, we need attractive and vibrant business and leisure areas.

We hope to hear from residents, visitors and all members of our community as to what they envision Ambleside to look like in our future….how they “Imagine Ambleside”. Our objective of this grassroots initiative is to engage with those that work, live, visit or do business in Ambleside using a creative and open dialogue where feedback can be collected and summarized. In the end, our hope is to help facilitate a process which enables the District of West Vancouver to expedite the revitalization of Ambleside.

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